On-road enforcement for automated vehicles

We're developing a nationally consistent approach to on-road enforcement for automated vehicles (AVs). Through this work, we are exploring how state and territory law enforcement officers may interact with and respond to the road safety risks associated with AVs.

This project is a part of the work we're doing to create a national framework for AVs

Latest news

In June 2023, Infrastructure and Transport Ministers agreed to policy positions for a nationally consistent approach to on-road enforcement for automated vehicles. These policy positions will inform changes to state and territory laws to clarify how law enforcement agencies will interact with AVs when they are operating on Australian roads and outline the powers of enforcement officers in relation to human user obligations for AVs. They relate to: 

  • law enforcement interactions with automated vehicles 
  • law enforcement access to automated vehicle data, and
  • law enforcement interactions with the automated vehicle in-service regulator.   

We've released a paper, On-road enforcement for automated vehicles paper, which represents the current understanding of what the future on-road enforcement requirements will be. The automated vehicle landscape will continue to change, and as AV technologies and standards evolve, these policy positions will be revised and adapted accordingly.  

The NTC maintains a watching brief on international and industry developments to identify any potential impacts to the policy recommendations, in response to real-world data, technological progress, and development in international automated vehicle regulations. We will coordinate with states and territories, the Commonwealth, and other stakeholders to continue to refine these policies as required.

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