On-road enforcement for automated vehicles

We're developing a nationally consistent approach to on-road enforcement for automated vehicles (AVs). Through this work, we’ll explore how state and territory law enforcement officers may interact with and respond to the road safety risks associated with AVs.

This project is a part of the work we're doing to create a national framework for AVs

Project background

In May 2021 ministers agreed that the NTC would work with state and territory governments to: 

  • develop enforcement practices for automated vehicles 
  • establish data requirements and data access protocols for enforcement officers.

The focus of this work is on the on-road interaction with automated vehicles. This includes enforcement officers:

  • safely intervening and interacting with automated vehicles
  • identifying an automated vehicle, its level of automation and who is in control  
  • accessing data to respond to road safety risks (such as for crash investigation and reporting)
  • sharing data with relevant parties, particularly the in-service regulator.

How to participate

To discuss this work further, or to provide informal feedback, please feel free to contact the project team. There will also be opportunities to provide formal feedback in early-mid 2022.

Contact the team


September 2021
Analysing issues
November 2021
Drafting report
April 2022
Consulting on options
November 2022
Delivering recommendations to ministers

Contact us

Project manager Helen Tsirlina
Contact email htsirlina@ntc.gov.au