Automated vehicle trial guidelines


AVs have the potential to improve road safety, productivity, mobility and environmental outcomes. To achieve these benefits, industry and governments must test AVs in the real world. This helps everyone to understand and improve how AVs interact with other road users and unique environmental conditions.

Currently, vehicles can’t legally operate in highly or fully automated driving mode on public roads. To set up a trial, you’ll need permission and exemptions from local road transport agencies conduct trials.

Purpose of the guidelines

When you apply for permission to trial AV technology on Australian roads, you must meet these guidelines. You must also meet any relevant requirements in the state or territory you plan to do the trial.

The guidelines:

  • support nationally consistent conditions for automated vehicle trials in Australia
  • provide certainty and clarity to industry regarding expectations when trialling in Australia
  • help road transport agencies manage trials in their own state or territory as well as across state borders
  • establish minimum standards of safety
  • help assure the public that roads are being used safely
  • help raise awareness and acceptance of automated vehicles in the community.