Who we work with

We deliver meaningful reform by engaging with people, groups, and organisations across the transport system. 

Our stakeholders

Infrastructure and transport ministers and senior officials
The NTC is accountable to all Australian transport ministers through the Infrastructure and Transport Ministers’ Meeting (ITMM). We also work closely with the Infrastructure and Transport Senior Officials’ Committee (ITSOC) which supports ITMM. 

ITMM sets the strategic direction and national transport agenda. The NTC acts as an expert adviser to ITMM to support the delivery of the ministers’ transport policy priorities.  ITMM approves our work program and reform proposals by consensus.

The Australian community
The Australian community is our most important stakeholder as our reforms affect most Australians. A good transport system is critical for our cities, regions and communities to thrive. 
We are focused on making it easier for the community to understand our role, engage with us and have a say on our work.

National transport bodies and regulators
National transport bodies and regulators have a significant role in Australia’s transport system. We work closely with a range of transport entities including:

State, territory and commonwealth governments and bodies
Australian governments are invested in the NTC’s work as they are responsible for implementing reforms. 
The NTC works closely with transport agencies and research bodies, police and work health and safety agencies. We do this to ensure our proposals are practical, supported and represent the best possible national solution.

The NTC develops policy recommendations and legislation in close collaboration with the Office of Impact Analysis and the Australasian Parliamentary Counsel’s Committee.

Industry and private sector 
The NTC draws on the expertise and experience of the private sector and industry to inform our reforms and help provide an evidence base for our work. Peak bodies are key contributors to our transport reforms. By consulting widely, the views of industry, the private sector, and academia can be properly reflected in our advice to ITMM.

International partners
The NTC also collaborates with the United Nations and our international counterparts. Working with these organisations aligns Australia's transport regulations with international systems. It also helps enable new technologies and ensures a safe transport system.

Our memoranda of understanding

The NTC has signed memoranda of understanding (MOUs) with: 

  • The Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator: The MOU with the Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator facilitates improved rail safety and productivity.
  • National Heavy Vehicle Regulator: Our MOU with the NHVR supports the implementation and operation of Australia’s national heavy vehicle laws.
  • Austroads: The MOU with Austroads establishes a common approach to road transport issues such as research, policy development, implementation and operational matters.

PTAANZ partnership

The NTC have signed a partnership agreement with Public Transport Association Australia and New Zealand (PTAANZ). Under the agreement we will collaborate and share information that helps support a more sustainable, efficient and safe transport system through collaboration and information sharing. 

It’s part of our commitment to build relationships across transport that help ensure the system is set up for the future and ready to adopt new technologies and ideas.