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Following public consultation on proposed policy options in the consultation regulation impact statement (RIS) from June until November 2020, we are now reviewing feedback to inform the final policy recommendations to present to ministers in 2021.  

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About the RIS

The consultation regulation impact statement (RIS) includes over 40 reform options to improve the HVNL.

The structure of each chapter in the RIS includes a description of the problem, an explanation of possible options to address the problem, an assessment of the costs and benefits of the option and a list of questions for consideration. 

We recognise that the RIS is a large and complex document, so we have also developed a complementary document to support the RIS. HVNL 2.0 is designed to be read alongside the RIS as a short-form description of one possible scenario for the future law. This scenario is not a set of preferred options – it’s just one example of how options in the RIS can work together as a system.  

News and media

We are seeking feedback on the consultation regulation impact statement (RIS) as part of the next phase of engagement on the HVNL review.

To support the release of the consultation RIS, we’ve developed a complementary short-form document to outline one potential scenario for the future HVNL.


Throughout most of 2019 we consulted with governments, regulators, heavy vehicle drivers, large and small operators, peak industry bodies, technology providers, and the wider community to get a clear and accurate picture of problems with the HVNL. 

In September 2019 we shifted from identifying issues to generating solutions. We canvassed ideas for the future HVNL and sought feedback on these. In January 2020 we released a Summary of consultation outcomes outlining what we heard. 

In June 2020, we released a consultation regulation impact statement (RIS) for public consultation, which outlined various policy options for a future HVNL. Submissions to the RIS closed on 20 November 2020. 

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