Review of medical aspects in assessment of rail safety worker health (2021-23)

Project background

The Standard is used to assess medical conditions that may impact a rail safety worker’s ability to perform their duties safely. It includes practical guidance to help keep workers and the community safe.

Rail transport operators engage doctors and other health professionals to conduct assessments.

What we’re working on

The scope of this project will focus on medical aspects of the Standard, acknowledging that few aspects of the Standard operate in isolation. 

We recently completed the project research and issues identification phases of this project. Now, we are drafting a new version of the standard for consultation later in the year. 

Many thanks to the medical and industry groups who are helping us through targeted consultation to progress this work. 

What happens next?

The revised Standard will be released for broader consultation in September 2022. We’ll consider all feedback received as we refine the new draft of the Standard. 

A final draft of the Standard will be presented to infrastructure and transport ministers for approval in May 2023. 

Out of scope issues will be explored, documented and reported for consideration in future NTC projects. It’s our aim to ensure ongoing awareness of the issues affecting rail safety worker health and fitness. 


Sep 2021
Mar 2022
Analysing issues
Jul 2022
Drafting guidelines
Sep 2022
Consulting on guidelines
Dec 2022
Preparing recommendations for ministers
May 2023
Delivering recommendations to ministers
Jun 2023

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