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The WCRA WHS Group after their review would like to submit the following comments regarding the HVNL proposed policy position.

8.2.2 Making standard hours less complex (Option 8.1)
 Proposed 1-hour transfer: This would allow a driver to work for up to 13 hours in a 24-hour period, ONCE, in a 7-day period. The maximum work time of 72-hour in a 7-day period would still apply
 Supported by WCRA. A very simple change that will assist a Heavy Vehicle Driver (once per 7 day cycle) if caught in traffic, to finish the allocated shift.

 Proposed split rest break: This would allow drivers to split a 7-hour continuous rest break ONCE in a 7-day period. A 7-hour continuous rest break could be replaced with a work/rest pattern of 2 hours rest, 1 hour driving and then another 6 hours rest. The 72-hour work time cap would still apply
 Not supported by WCRA. It in fact makes the standard hours option more complex, therefore very likely to be misunderstood & will cause compliance issues

Option 8.1(b): Reclassifying time using a “rest reference” Proposed
 Not supported by WCRA, it will create more complexity in record keeping. The advantage of the current system is that for a heavy vehicle driver there are only two definitions of time – work and rest.
 Any reclassification of time definitions, may have unintended negative consequences

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