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Yes, these statements are accurate. Vehicle-generated data supporting road safety purposes are encouraged and could follow formats such as the EU Data Task Force.
UNECE WP29 is the main instrument.
Technology is still being developed and innovation must be predicated on business use cases. We would suggest following the model of the EU Data Task Force.
Privacy, safety and cybersecurity should be the principle concerns.
We support a national data aggregator and international data standards.
B2G vehicle-generated data should be limited to road safety purposes. More G2B data should be made available to service providers in order to enhance solutions.
Yes, international standards already exist for vehicle-generated data such as DATEX II, SENSORIS, ExVe and ISO.
There are risks to over regulation and making the market unattractive to service providers. Services should be built on commercial terms.
Focus should be on road safety data.
Increasing road safety.
No, focus should be limited to vehicle-generated data for road safety.
Response as already stated above.
Yes. EU Data Task Force should be used as a model.
The scope should be limited to road safety data. Data for other forms should be promoted on commercial terms, but there needs to me more reciprocal access to G2B data.
Yes, but also strongly support option 1 where more efforts for government and industry to collaborate should be pursued.
No view on this question.