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I have gone out of my way to find your website and sign up in order to provide feedback, regarding your request for submissions regarding electric scooters. I will offer my personal experience, having visited cities in Europe where motorised scooters are able to used freely, on roads and footpaths. They are a catastrophe. The users pay no attention to any sembelance of road rules. They are silent, which means pedestrians can't hear them and will frequently step out in front of a speeding scooter. The scooter riders think they can simply swerve around every obstacle, and hop between road and footpath as required. No helmets are required. I was crossing the road with a crowd of people at a 'green man' traffic lights intersection. All the traffic had come to a stop, of course. Except for a lone scooter, which had a driver and his female friend wedged between his legs. The driver couldn't or wouldn't access the brakes, or perhaps they were broken, so the scooter plunged straight into the crowd of crossing pedestrians, less than a metre ahead of me in the crowd. So, the scooter drivers do include a 2nd person when they wish to. And they operate them when intoxicated. There are too many reasons why they are simply too dangerous to mix with foot traffic OR road traffic. There must be countless accidents already owing to electric scooters, for pedestrians, and for scooter users. Enforce a national ban on using them outside of private property. I've witness the dangers first hand, and experienced graze and bumps on my body from when they mysteriously appeared next to me on footpaths as I walked