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Are the requirements in the proposed regulatory framework appropriate? NO, as you have not taking into account other users of shared pathways,, especially the elderly, me and my wife are mid sixties and use to enjoy walking along our local bush shared pathway, but dur to the increased number and attitude of cyclist travelling at speed we are unable to walk this pathway as a couple any more, other lake side pathways have being inundated with dog walkers who allow their dogs to freely roam on leads up to 5m or more. Adding e-scooters to this mix will only see more conflict with passive walkers on shared pathways
Are there any requirements that should be removed, included or modified?
option 5 should be the only one debated going forward
60kg travelling @ 25k plus the weight of rider would do a lot of damage to a passive walking elderly person or a wayward child, another reason to keep e-scooters from shared pathways
10k is to fast on crowded shared pathways. you should be considering waling speed only
As mention above
My comments as above need to be investigated further in how does any e-scooter proposal conflict with passive walkers{elderly} dogs on leads and the others bike riders.
roads only, as a keen walker try to maintain a level of fitness into my later years i'm finding the demands placed on the current shared pathways too much now before we add e-scooters travelling @ 25 now.
(a) pedestrian areas, speed should be restricted to 8k{waling pace}reasons as per that previously mention
(b) bicycle only areas, speed to be 25k
and (c) roads, up to 40k as long as the e-scooter does not overtake on left side of vehicle as they will be difficult to see in congested roadways,
No I don.t agree as you have failed to adequately address other users of shared pathways so option 5 is the only one I support for further consideration