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They should only be used on enclosed cycle ways as other covered surfaces like roads/ footpaths increase dramatically the harm to riders and public. My mother stepped out a shop door way as a school child on a scooter knocked her to the ground breaking her arm and shoulder. As a child no chance of suing for medical bills just a sorry and gone. On the road we have to contend with cars/ trucks/push bikes/ motor bikes coming between vehicles causing broken mirrors and scratches without the ability to catch them and now you want to put scooters zig zaging in and out of traffic to pole position at the lights like motor bikes do. I pay road tax for the privlage of using the road they don' t. Very smart. Plus helmets must be mandatory for impacts will be plentiful .
60kg's maximum load without shopping baskets added to front bars or on the back. For some will do their shopping and load scooter up that decreases stability and braking. When a taxis/ public transport should have been used. We will become like China were great loads are carried on push bikes, scooters will be the same with one/two riders and the shopping.
Under 16 years if restricted to cycle ways only with a 10km/h limit but who is going to Police it, radar guns at school pedestrians crossings maybe or fixed speed cameras. If over 16 years what training of road rules to allow safe interaction with vehicles. Can you imagine a truck driver sitting at the lights and a scooter zigs infront of his bull bar, will he notice the bumps as he drives over the scooter and rider. Plus who is at fault the rider unseen or the driver who didn't get out of his truck for a walk around before moving off from the lights.
No consideration as to legal implications associated with but not limited to, Damages to public/ vehicles caused by scooters with out any personal identification (Licence), theft off handbags, jewlery stores, one punch hits on fast moving scooters with out identification numbers, fast moving drug deals by scooter delivery, sex attacks by 25km/h gangs, up grades of motor sizes and speeds are already on the net with out any checking by Police who have other more pressing matters to attend.
No thinking about interactions with road users just relying on it's the drivers responsibility not to hit anything.
Not much thinking about this proposed law.
Separated paths or cycle ways as Segways (personal two wheeled transport) are not allowed on foot paths or roads so why should scooters .
Pedestrian NIL as they shouldn't be there
Bicycle areas 25km/h and following rules as cyclers have too.
Roads NIL as they don' t pay road tax, don't have to undertake any training on road use, great danger to them selves
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