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I think the most important point is, safety for the user and for other people around them. Appropriate safety gear must be worn at all times AND regardless of the max speed limit allowed, caution must always prevail, I ride to the conditions, if busy I ride at walking pace or walk along with my board at padestrian pace... when it's safe I ride again. We've all got to share the paths and roads and get back home safely.
Yes, any heavier and its inertia will be too great and should an accident occur the resulting damage would be greater.
If they have a supervising adult supervising at all times, I dont see a problem as long as they are NOT conducting themselves in a dangerous matter.
If the space is clear, the speed should not be a problem, I believe speed should be regulated more by the inclusion of a safe speed depending on conditions... if there are children riding their bikes on the side of the street, most of us will cautiously slow down well below the 50km/hr just to be ready...
I do this on my bike and also on my skateboard, I dont want to hurt anyone.
Its been working very well in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.
It has to be a combination. In my experience, footpaths tend to be the easiest and safest, but sometimes I need to use the roads because the paths are busy or in poor repair, dont exist or I can travel faster more safely on the road.
40km is a good maximum speed as any higher would result in more serious injuries. BUT again, it must be limited to the conditions.... it's not just the speed but also the manner in which it is operated that can be dangerous.
Perhaps 25km on foot paths, but certainly faster on bike paths and roads.
I believe option 4 with a speed approach 3 is more in line with reality.
My friends, people I know will ride on the streets when needed as needed when safe. At the end of the day we too want to make it home in 1 piece safely, and we usually arrive with a smile on our face because its a fun form of transport.
You can NOT enforce a maximum rating on these devices as electric motors are so cheap these days anyone with just a little knowledge can upgrade and the police will never know.
It really has to come down to allowing the safe use of these devices, and sadly the penalties for dangerous use will have to be put in place.
I have seen mobility scooters run into shopfonts, I have had my foot run over, even the odd bruise on the shin... and they were only going very slow...
Sure there will always be injuries, in 2 years of riding an electric skateboard, the ONLY accidents were last week 2 within 3 days with only slight jolting due to the use of safety gear, wrist guards, helmet, enclosed shoes etc ( neither were my fault bikes ran into me from behind knocking us both over.).
Best of luck