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A additional requirement would be a warning device (such a bell or horn) is on the device. PMDs make almost no noise so pedestrians and others users will not notice incoming PMDs.
yes it is suitable
No. at 10kmph its not worth having a device at all which will encourage these children to purchase PMDs they are not legally allowed to ride.
Bicycle paths are the most appropriate infrastructure as the PMDs will go a similar speed to bicycles.
Cyclists will also be used to dealing with vehicles going different speeds, as cyclists range from going 10kmph to 50kmph.
A - 10-15kmph, Pedestrians do not pay attention to their surroundings and you need to be prepared to stop at any time.
B - 25kmph, the average speed of a cyclist is about 20-30kmph so this would be suitable for the path
C - 25kmph, if a license is not required to ride a PMD then it would be dangerous to allow PMD users to go any faster. I'd say that if you have a motorcycle license, you should be able to ride up to 40-50kmph but this would be difficult to enforce.
Pedestrians do not pay attention to their surroundings and it would be dangerous to be going any faster.
PMD users should prefer bicycle paths and local roads with using the footpath for the last 20-30 meters of their journey.