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I believe ANY form of registration increase would cripple an already struggling industry. Whilst l am all for better roads l fail to see how any increase will be spent updating or maintaining any roads. Most National roads have detiorated to a 3rd world standard in the past 15 years, nothing has been spent on rural roads or highways that has improved them. As a small operator our maintenance bills have escalated due to the poor nature of our roads, in the last 12 months particularly we have had a spate of broken springs, shockers and more importantly load restraint equipment, so whilst we are doing our bit at our cost to survive the poor roads we drive on and keep our equipment safe and roadworthy l fail to see how adding further costs to our business makes us viable. If you got the roads in order in the first place reducing my maintenance costs l would be more than happy for a future registration rate rise.
You cant have it both ways, taking g.s.t off us for the replacement parts for our vehicles as well as charging a road user charge whilst charging us more to use the roads damaging our vehicles, let alone the amount of g.s.t we pay on our escalated fuel bill.
Our costs have gone up yet our margin remains the same, end result is the consumer pays more in an already fragile economy
I feel that this rate increase is ridiculous given the current state of the economy and costs involved to be in business, there is no reward as the roads are in a disgusting condition, the g.s.t off the current fuel price should be more than enough as well as the current R.U.C, transport is already struggling to pay its way now, rates would have to be increased which puts the end consumer in a position they currently are having trouble affording, this isnt easy in this economy