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Australia’s laws are not ready for driverless vehicles

Publish date 10 May 2016

The National Transport Commission today released Regulatory options for automated vehicles – a discussion paper that finds a number of barriers to increasing vehicle automation. The paper proposes that there are barriers that need to be addressed as soon as possible to ensure clari

Biggest jump in fuel-efficient car sales since records began

Publish date 02 Apr 2016

Australian consumers have bought a record number of fuel-efficient, low-emissions cars leading to the biggest year-on-year growth in the percentage of new cars sold since the NTC began keeping records. Chief Executive of the NTC Paul Retter said 4.7 per cent of the new cars sold in

Feedback sought on further reforms to executive officer liability

Publish date 02 Mar 2016

The NTC today released a Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) which has identified several options designed to improve current HVNL requirements on executive officers. Chief Executive of the NTC Paul Retter said executive officers of corporations play a key role in ensuring that their