About NTC / NTC corporate strategies and reports

The NTC is required to develop a 4-year rolling corporate plan and work program each year. Our corporate plan and work program are prepared under the guidance of our commissioners, with valuable input from governments, stakeholders and our staff.

NTC corporate strategies and reports

The NTC’s corporate plan sets out our directions and priorities for the medium to longer term. It sets out the strategy that we will pursue to achieve the priorities over the next four years.

Our work program details the specific projects and activities we will deliver over the next four years to achieve our purpose. 

Every year ministers endorse NTC’s work program and corporate plan at the Transport and Infrastructure Council.

Prior to submitting our corporate plan and associated work program to the council for its approval in May each year, we undertake comprehensive external scanning and stakeholder engagement involving ministers, industry, governments and the community to ensure we are proposing projects and activities that lead to high-value reforms that meet our objectives. External scanning includes a review of the latest strategic direction given to us by the council.

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Last Updated: 11/1/2019