Vehicle Standards maintenance 2021-22

We update the Australian Light Vehicle Standards Rules and the Heavy Vehicle (Vehicle Standards) National Regulation about every two years. We maintain the standards to support contemporary, productive and safe transport outcomes.

Draft amendments to both documents were available for review and comment in early 2022.

Latest news

We invited our stakeholders to review the draft amendments and share comments between 18 February - 31 March 2022. We did not receive any formal submissions but did receive some informal questions via email. We have responded to any questions we received, and the consultation period is closed.

We’ll now work with the Australasian Parliamentary Counsel’s Committee to turn the draft amendments into model law.

Project background

The standards for light and heavy vehicles are model laws that are maintained by the NTC. They must be adopted by states and territories before they come into legal effect. We last reviewed these standards in 2020. 

Each time we update these standards, we work with an expert advisory group. The group represents industry, the Australian Government and the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator. 

We work with the group and subject matter experts to:

  • review issues with the vehicle standards raised by the advisory group and other stakeholders
  • develop, test, and agree on proposed amendments
  • seek industry input on proposed amendments.

Changes for light vehicles

The Australian Light Vehicle Standards Rules are model rules that set the standard for in-service light vehicles in Australian states and territories. They apply to: 

  • trailers that weigh 4.5 tonnes or less in aggregate trailer mass, otherwise
  • vehicles that weigh less than 4.5 tonnes in gross vehicle mass.  

The draft amendment that was available for consideration seeks to:

  • address issues with safety for how after-market accessories (e.g., solar panels, roof racks) are fitted to vehicles
  • clarify how the standards should be interpreted. 

View the current Australian Light Vehicle Standards Rules

Changes for heavy vehicles

The Heavy Vehicle (Vehicle Standards) National Regulations (HV(VS)NR) set out the in-service heavy vehicle standards. This covers vehicles that weigh more than 4.5 tonnes in gross vehicle mass or aggregate trailer mass. 

The HV(VS)NR sits under the Heavy Vehicle National Law. It is used in all Australian states and territories.

The draft amendment that was available for consideration addresses issues causing confusion with interpretation of the regulations. 

View the current Heavy Vehicle (Vehicle Standards) National Regulation. Or, learn more about the HVNL.

How to participate

Consultation for the 2021-22 maintenance project has concluded. However, we will look to make more amendments to the standards in coming years.

If you have suggestions for potential future changes the standards, please email the project team.

Contact the project team

What happens next

We plan to present the final draft models laws to transport and infrastructure ministers later this year.

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