Vehicle standards maintenance 2020-21

We regularly review the Australian Light Vehicle Standards Rules 2015 and the Heavy Vehicle (Vehicle Standards) National Regulation. This ensures they remain contemporary and promote improved transport productivity and safety outcomes.

The 2020-21 review has now concluded. 

What will happen next?

Work has now commenced on the next vehicle standards maintenance review. More information on the next review and public consultation on proposed amendments will be available on this site later in 2021.

Transport ministers will consider the next round of proposed amendments in May 2022. 

Details of the 2020-21 amendments

Amendments to the Australian Light Vehicle Standards Rules (ALVSRs) and the Heavy Vehicle (Vehicle Standards) National Regulation were developed together and seek to better align these instruments with the Australian Design Rules (ADRs), clarify requirements and terminology and introduce safety improvements. Specific amendments include:

  • Allowing a heavy vehicle to be fitted with a Blind Spot Information System or an Indirect Vision Device without infringing prescribed heavy vehicle width and length requirements.
  • Updating terminology to align with revised standards and to enhance protection of road infrastructure.   
  • Clarifying the exemption from compliance with ALVSRs in particular circumstances.
  • Clarifying the application of omitted ADR requirements about motor bike handlebars.
  • Other technical clarifications.  

What we heard through consultation

NTC consultation draft - vehicle standards - amendment package 2020

Published on 17 Aug 2020

Previous amendments

In November 2019, the transport ministers approved changes to the Heavy Vehicle (Vehicle Standards) National Regulations and the Australian Light Vehicle Standards.

Ministers did not approve all proposed amendments. The 2019 explanation of proposed amendments report should be read together with the published Australian Light Vehicle Standards Rules Amendment (Miscellaneous) 2019 and the Heavy Vehicle National Legislation Amendment Regulation 2020, which reflect the amendments approved by transport ministers.

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