Improving the land transport of dangerous goods 2020

In 2020, this project explored ways to improve regulation for the land transport of dangerous goods. We engaged our stakeholders on how to make regulation more consistent and efficient in the future. Then, we prepared recommendations for transport ministers. 

At the November 2020 Infrastructure and Transport Ministers Meeting, all recommendations we put forward were endorsed. This marked the conclusion of this project, with recommendations to be implemented through our upcoming work program. 

Project recommendations

  1. The current model law approach should be retained, with a detailed action plan put in place to improve implementation, governance and administrative arrangements.
  2. Implement a process that ensures greater involvement of the ministerial portfolios that are responsible for administering agencies in the agreement of proposed amendments before they are progressed to Infrastructure and Transport Ministers' Meetings (previously the Transport and Infrastructure Council) for endorsement. 
  3. Implement the detailed six-goal action plan contained in Appendix B of: “A review of the legal framework to improve the land transport of dangerous goods August 2020.” 
  4. Conduct a full review of the Australian Dangerous Goods Code to update outdated chapters, identify and correct translation errors, incorporate relevant ADR concepts and incorporate requirements for Class 1 and Division 6.2
  5. Develop a training matrix based on a training needs analysis, including discrete, task-specific training and explore the potential for a dangerous goods specialist advisory competency. 

Next steps

We will implement the recommendations through two new NTC projects starting in 2021:

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