Heavy vehicle charges for 2022-23 financial year

On behalf of transport ministers, we have consulted on a proposed 2.75% increase to heavy vehicle charges in 2022-23. This would apply to both the road user charge and registration fees.

Latest news

We invited industry and government feedback between on the proposed increase between 30 January and 1 April 2022. Consultation is now closed. 

Your feedback will be provided to infrastructure and transport ministers, including: 

  • the Deputy Prime Minister 
  • the Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development.

We also expect our ongoing heavy vehicle charges determination work to be considered by ministers later this year. Further information on this process is available on the Heavy Vehicle Charges Determination page.

Project background

In 2020, the NTC started work on a Heavy Vehicle Charges Determination. The project is looking at ways the ‘pay as you go’ model (PAYGO) could be updated, and options for implementing those changes.

We provided several recommendations and the determination regulation impact statement to ministers for consideration in December 2021.

Ministers decided to engage industry on a 2.75% increase to heavy vehicle charges for 2022-23 only. They will revisit the determination later in 2022, with the possibility of looking at multi-year charge setting. 

Closed consultation details

Heavy vehicle charges consultation report 2022–23

Published on 30 Jan 2022

Read the full details on the proposed pricing increase and learn more about what it might mean for you. 

Closed on 01 Apr 2022