Australian road rules maintenance 2017-2019

We regularly review the Australian Road Rules (ARRs) to ensure they remain relevant and in line with agreed policy to improve road safety and transport productivity outcomes. This was our 13th amendment package. 

Project background

Transport and infrastructure ministers approved the 13th amendment package in November 2019. Through this work we:

  • Created an offence for a driver to interrupt a funeral procession.
  • Inserted technology neutral terminology about payment of parking fees.
  • Provided model rules about the use of ‘Bus Only’ lanes.
  • Provided model rules and signage about parking of electric vehicles, including when being charged.
  • Clarified rules about motorcyclists with respect to signalling a change of direction and removal of feet from footrests.

The updates apply to the Australian Road Rules model law. They only come into effect when states and territories update their own laws to reflect these changes.