Australian Dangerous Goods Code maintenance 2021

We review the Australian Code for the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road & Rail (ADG Code) every two years to align with international best practice and to meet changing user needs in Australia.

Latest news

A draft Edition of 7.8 of the ADG Code is now is now ready for presentation to transport and infrastructure ministers. The draft aligns with Revision 22 of the United Nations (UN) Model Regulations and incorporates changes adopted by the UN. The draft also incorporates minor Australian specific changes. 

An overview of these changes, including the reasoning behind them is detailed in the ADG 7.8 Explanatory Document. A more comprehensive list of the amendments can be found in accompanying document Overview of differences between 7.7 and 7.8.

Please send any questions you have to Debra Kirk,  

About the draft code documents

Due to the large file size, the draft ADG Code has been broken into several smaller parts. These have been provided as Microsoft Word documents to allow you to see the tracked changes resulting from the update. 

From the 'Review' tab in Word, you’ll be able to switch the view between ‘simple markup’, ‘all markup’, ‘no markup’ and ‘original’.

How to view tracked changes in Microsoft Word
How to switch between views in the 'Track Changes' section of Microsoft Word

About the markups 

  • Amendments (other than purely typographical or administrative) are shown as markup in the text of the document. 
  • Comments have been included to provide additional information on the source of the amendment.
  • Page numbering, footnote numbering and table of contents will be added when the document is reconsolidated.

Proposed commencement date

As per previous consultation, the intended commencement date for ADG 7.8 will be 1 October 2022 with a 12-month transition period.

Previous consultation

ADG Code Maintenance Project 2021- UPDATE 1

Published on 09 Apr 2021
Closed on 21 May 2021
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