Australian Dangerous Goods Code maintenance 2021

We review the Australian Code for the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road & Rail (ADG Code) every two years to align with international best practice and to meet changing user needs in Australia.

Latest news

We’re pleased to provide our first update on this project. A marked-up draft of amendments to date is now available. 

Our stakeholders recently had a say on:  
• the proposed fixed cycle for future amendments 
• table in Part 1
• the draft code, if you have time.  

The window for this most recent round of feedback closed on May, 2021. 

Supporting documents


February 2021
Consulting on issues
November 2021
Consulting on draft code
January 2022
Consulting on legislation
July 2022

Closed consultation

ADG Code Maintenance Project 2021- UPDATE 1

Published on 09 Apr 2021
Closed on 21 May 2021
No submissions received

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