Heavy Vehicle National Law review

The purpose of this work is to deliver a modern, outcome-focussed law regulating the use of heavy vehicles that will:

  • improve safety for all road users 
  • support increased economic productivity and innovation 
  • simplify the HVNL, its administration and enforcement 
  • support the use of new technologies and methods of operation and 
  • provide flexible, outcome-focussed compliance options. 

Program update

On 28 May 2021, infrastructure and transport ministers approved a two-year HVNL Safety and Productivity Program to implement reform outcomes from the HVNL review.

This implementation phase of the program will lead to an updated law that:

  • is based on a new, risk-management focussed operator assurance framework, and 
  • offers simplicity for those who need it and flexibility for those who seek it.

The program, comprising six reform areas, aims to deliver productivity and safety benefits against a two-year delivery plan.

The NTC will lead the following reform areas in collaboration with governments and industry to deliver draft legislative amendments and other draft instruments:

  • operator assurance scheme
  • technology and data
  • duties and driver health
  • fatigue management
  • vehicles and access
  • legislative approach.