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The purpose of the Framework is to enhance the capability of the ADF, mitigate risk and minimise damage to roads and related structures.

Australian Defence Force Road Transport Exemption Framework

The Australian Defence Force Road Transport Exemption Framework (the Framework) provides nationally uniform exemptions for the use of Australian Defence Force (ADF) vehicles and equipment on public roads.

The Framework gives permission to ADF vehicles that are over-dimensional to operate on approved routes and reduce administrative burden by reducing the need for the ADF to apply for special permits to operate vehicles. 

The Framework has been drafted by the NTC and forms part of the NTC Maintenance Program. It evolved from a consultative approach led by the NTC and incorporating the ADF, state and territory authorities and interested parties.

The ADF is in the process of acquiring up to 7500 new protected and unprotected vehicles to improve battlefield mobility and provide logistics support through its Land 121 program.

The NTC is proposing amendments to the Exemption Framework to allow the ADF to legally operate new vehicles on certain routes. We aim to complete our next amendment package in 2019.

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The current version of the Framework is available via the NTC website.


Last Updated: 15/1/2019