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Modular B-triples are safer, more efficient and cause less pavement damage than the equivalent A-double road trains that currently run on the type one road network (a defined freight route).

Modular B-triples

Modular B-triples are constructed from a prime mover having a single steer axle and a tandem drive axle group towing three triaxle semi-trailers all connected by fifth-wheel couplings. The B-triple is a straightforward extension of the B-double, obtained by the addition of another lead trailer.

Creating a national framework for modular B-triples

In May 2012, ministers approved the NTC’s final policy paper and agreed to the adoption of a single national modular B-triple vehicle specification which will enable modular B-triples to have access to the current road train network on the same basis as double (type one) road trains.

Fact sheet: modular B triples
Read the full Transport and Infrastructure Council meeting communique: 18 May 2012

Find out more

The NTC has concluded this project. Contact the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator to find out more about B-triple access.


Last Updated: 15/11/2018