Rail / Safety

The NTC works to improve rail safety outcomes for rail employees and the rest of the Australian community.


Rail fatalities have more than halved in the last decade but more work needs to be done to make our rail transport systems as safe as possible. For example, it is important to monitor the performance of rail regulations to ensure they are producing the best safety outcomes. Another important challenge is to ensure Australia has the most accurate data possible to monitor safety trends. 

Working with our stakeholders, the NTC leads the maintenance of the Rail Safety National Law (RSNL) which governs rail safety nationally, including all aspects of rail safety regulation. The RSNL is administered by the Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator which began operations in January 2013.

The NTC is also responsible for maintaining the medical standards for rail safety workers and the Dangerous Goods Code for road and rail transport with international best practice.

Last Updated: 15/11/2018