NTC seeks feedback on a national approach to the safe and legal use of personal mobility devices

Published: 24 Oct 2019

The National Transport Commission (NTC) today released a consultation paper seeking feedback on options to safely integrate personal mobility devices into existing Australian road rules.

Personal mobility devices, such as electric skateboards and scooters, are emerging forms of transport and current road rules have not kept pace with these changes.

NTC Executive Leader, Safety, Mandi Mees said people are becoming less dependent on traditional forms of transport in favour of innovative devices that move people more efficiently around cities and communities. These new devices largely operate in an undefined regulatory environment.

“The Australian Road Rules predate most newer technologies which means they are not recognised under current legislation. At present, the rules only provide for the use of low-powered motorised scooters that have a maximum speed of 10km/h”.

The NTC is seeking feedback from a wide range of stakeholders on regulatory options that can provide a nationally-consistent approach to the safe and legal use of these devices.

Consultation closes on 13 December 2019. The NTC will deliver recommendations for ministerial approval in November 2020.