NTC calls on Australia’s transport industry to provide more data for a study on the nation’s transport movements

Published: 08 Feb 2016

The National Transport Commission (NTC) is seeking detailed information from Australia’s transport sector about passenger and freight movements to inform future policy reforms as part of a study of freight and passenger movements in Australia. 

Chief Executive of the NTC Paul Retter said the Who moves what where study seeks to better inform future planning and policy by analysing Australia’s road and rail passenger and freight movements in more detail.

“A productive Australian transport system should base its planning, investment and access decisions on complete, comparable and the most up-to-date data,” Mr Retter said.

“At the moment Australia’s transport policy makers don’t have a complete picture of Australia’s transport movements and that’s a problem because better information usually leads to better policies. For example we know Australia’s transport industry collects a lot of information about freight movements, but most of that data isn’t available to policy makers. As a first step we need to find out what information is already collected by Australia’s transport industry and other bodies, and whether they are able to share more of it.

“We have already had input from the CSIRO through their Transport Network Strategic Investment Tool.

“This project will also seek to standardise and improve information gathering, storage, and sharing so that any future projects can have access to comparable data.”

The NTC is seeking information from road, rail and passenger sectors, government and industry stakeholders to identify:

  •          who is moving freight and passengers around Australia via rail or roads
  •          what they are moving
  •          where they’re moving from and to.

The project’s primary focus is on commercial and government funded transport of goods and people, rather than private vehicle use.

“By publishing our findings we hope to give policy makers and infrastructure owners better information that would ultimately lead to a more productive and safe transport system for everyone,” Mr Retter said.

To help deliver the project the NTC is seeking a consultant to help produce a report describing the industry composition, trends and forecasts related to freight and passenger movement on Australian road and rail networks.