Government access to vehicle-generated data

Published: 21 May 2020

We are exploring the challenges and opportunities relating to government access to vehicle-generated data and want your feedback on proposed policy options.

Vehicles are increasingly capturing a range of useful data which could provide new opportunities to improve our transportation systems. 

In our latest discussion paper, we put forward policy options aimed at improving road safety outcomes, reducing congestion, and improving investment, maintenance and planning decisions.

We want to hear from road users, industry and government agencies. Your feedback will inform recommendations to transport and infrastructure ministers in late 2020.

Get involved

We recognise stakeholders are managing a range of new challenges as a result of COVID-19. We are committed to working with individuals, organisation and their member groups to provide different ways of engaging with us on this work.

You can:

  • provide a written submission via the NTC website
  • respond to questions online via the NTC website
  • register your interest for an online meeting by emailing
  • let us know how you want to be involved by emailing us at with your feedback.

This discussion paper follows months of close engagement with government and industry, including co-design workshops to develop policy options. At these workshops, transport agencies identified significant potential benefits for road safety, network planning and optimisation.