Heavy vehicles / Safety

NTC is committed to creating and monitoring a positive road safety culture.


Australia needs trucks for a productive economy, but the NTC, the heavy vehicle industry and everyone that shares the roads with them need to work together to keep our roads safe. 

Unfortunately too many crashes happen on our roads and 220 Australians lost their lives in crashes involving heavy trucks or buses in 2014.

Trucks and buses make about three per cent of vehicles and about eight per cent of the vehicle kilometres travelled (VKT) on Australia’s roads, yet are involved in - albeit not necessarily responsible for - 18 per cent of total road deaths and three per cent of total injuries.

Transport and intermediate production workers make up three-quarters of Australia’s workplace accidents - the most common cause of fatalities being vehicle incidents and road users are three times as likely to die in a crash where a heavy vehicle is involved.

The purely economic cost of heavy vehicle crashes is estimated cost around $3.8 billion per year.

The NTC is committed to creating and monitoring a positive road safety culture, including encouraging all road users to be safe around heavy vehicles.

We are working with industry, business sectors, governments, researchers and non-profit organisations to reduce road deaths and serious injuries by 30 per cent to achieve the National Road Safety Strategy 2011–2020 target.

Our stakeholders have told us that they want to collaborate on road safety initiatives, encourage better practice and innovation.

The NTC’s role is to research and advise on reforms and recommendations to governments, encourage knowledge sharing opportunities to help industry choose and implement the right safety improvements for their businesses and, importantly, measure and evaluate the outcomes.

Good corporate safety culture not only benefits the heavy vehicle industry but the communities in which they operate.

Last Updated: 15/11/2018