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We periodically review the Australian Light Vehicle Standards Rules (ALVSRs) to ensure they remain contemporary and aligned with agreed policy.

Vehicle Standards Maintenance

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The Australian Light Vehicle Standards Rules 2015 and the Heavy Vehicle (Vehicle Standards) National Regulation are periodically reviewed to ensure they remain contemporary, and aligned with agreed policy to promote improved transport productivity, transport system safety and regulatory efficiency.

Next steps

We commenced the 2019 maintenance review in February. The consultation period for this amendment package will remain open until the 23 September 2019. You can download the consultation document and make a submission below under the 'Get Involved' tab.

More details about the amendments are also available in the 'Publications' tab below.

Following public consultation, we expect to make recommendations to ministers in November 2019.

2018 Amendments

In November 2018, the Transport and Infrastructure Council approved changes to the Heavy Vehicle (Vehicle Standards) National Regulations and the Australian Light Vehicle Standards. Once these changes come into effect, they will be applied by state and territory legislation.

The Heavy Vehicle (Vehicle Standards) National Regulation Amendment Regulation 2018 is available in the publications section below. 

For a copy of the Australian Light Vehicle Standards Rules Amendment 2018, see the Parliamentary Counsel Committee website


The Australian Light Vehicle Standards Rules 2015 and Heavy Vehicle (Vehicle Standards) National Regulation are based on the Australian Design Rules which are developed and administered by the Commonwealth Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development.

Both the light and heavy vehicle standards require a vehicle that is subject to the Australian Design Rules when built or imported to continue to comply with them for the life of the vehicle.

The Australian Design Rules have certain gaps in their application which are covered by the Australian Light Vehicle Standards Rules 2015 and Heavy Vehicle National Regulations.

In particular, the Australian Design Rules do not cover:

  • Vehicles built before 1969
  • Combinations of vehicles
  • Every safety feature for vehicles built between 1969 and 1988
  • Ongoing maintenance requirements.

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