Heavy vehicles / Technology / Intelligent Access Program (IAP)

The IAP facilitates greater access for heavy vehicles to Australia's road network.

Intelligent access program (IAP)

The Intelligent Access Program (IAP) facilitates heavy vehicle access to certain areas of the road network where otherwise it would not have been possible.

IAP uses satellite navigation and communications technology to track a vehicle's location.  Controls protecting the privacy of operators participating in the program are in place. The use and disclosure of information is governed by the privacy legislation.

The program was initially developed by Austroads and has been in operation since 2009.  The regulatory framework for the IAP is set out in the Heavy Vehicle National Law.

For more information about using the Intelligent Access Program to access the road network, visit the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator.

The review

The NTC completed a review of the Intelligent Access Program.  The final review paper with the proposed recommendations was endorsed by the Transport and Infrastructure Council in November 2014.

In June/July 2013, the NTC requested submissions from key government and industry stakeholders to provide inputs to inform the review.  The submissions received are available below.

A draft paper was released for public consultation in June 2014.  The submissions received following the release of the draft report are available below.

The NTC included comments from the submissions received during the consultation period to develop the final review paper, which was then submitted to the Transport and Infrastructure Council in November 2014.  Transport Certification Australia will implement the recommendations and the NTC will report on the progress in its annual National Reform Implementation Monitoring Report.

Submissions 2013

Submissions 2014

IAP Review 2014 - ARRB Submission
IAP Review 2014 - ATA Submission
IAP Review 2014 - VicRoads Submission
IAP Review 2014 - Northern Territory Department of Transport Submission
IAP Review 2014 - Transport for NSW Submission
IAP Review 2014 - Transport for NSW Comments



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