About NTC / Stakeholders / Consultation groups

The NTC is committed to meaningful and transparent engagement with all its stakeholders in the development of national reforms.

Consultation groups

Transport and Infrastructure Senior Officials' Committee 

The Transport and Infrastructure Senior Officials' Committee (TISOC) consists of heads of transport and infrastructure departments, and road authorities from each state and territory as well as New Zealand. A representative from local government, as well as the NTC Chief Executive are also members of this group.

Industry Advisory Group

The objective of the Industry Advisory Group (IAG) is to share progress on current and upcoming NTC projects and to gain insight into industry views.

IAG is made up of representatives of the Australian Automobile Association, Australian Trucking Association, Australasian Railway Association, National Farmers’ Federation, Transport Workers’ Union, Minerals Council of Australia, Australian Logistics Council, as well as vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, transport operators and the transport training industry.

Remote Areas Consultative Group (RACG)

The Remote Areas Consultative Group (RACG) comprises of transport, heavy vehicle industry and road agency representatives from Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia and the National Transport Commission.

The RACG was established to provide a forum for matters affecting remote area operations. The group has helped shape national processes, and legislation, such as the implementation of Fatigue Accreditation and Performance Based Standards. 

Other groups

The NTC also regularly engages stakeholder through project specific groups. Examples include:

  • the Assessing Fitness to Drive and National Standard of Health Assessment for Rail Safety Workers project reference groups, which provide advice on revisions to the health standards for drivers and rail safety workers
  • the Australian Road Rules Maintenance Group and Heavy Vehicle National Law and Rail Safety National Law Maintenance Groups. These provide advice to the NTC on keeping these reforms up to date.
Last Updated: 15/11/2018