About NTC / Stakeholders

We engage with our stakeholders to help us deliver the best transport reforms for Australia's future.


Schedule of likely consultations

Please note these dates may change due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.

Our stakeholder engagement principles

The following principles underpin our engagement with our stakeholders:

Understand before acting

Build and maintain relationships with key stakeholders through regular ‘check-in’ discussions.

Involve before deciding

All stakeholders impacted by a reform should be consulted to develop policy and, where possible, resolve differences before public comment is sought.

Discuss before implementing

Use public consultation to seek wider public views on issues which could not be resolved during the policy development process.

Share before announcing

Ensure there are ‘no surprises’. Generally, stakeholders should not learn of key policy decisions and statements through the media or other channels.


Last Updated: 15/11/2018