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Submissions for NTC Discussion Paper - Changing driving laws to support automated vehicles - October 2017


17 Nov 2017

Driverless Vehicles

To whom it my concern,

I am writing to you with some issues with driverless vehicles. After reading about these vehicles, some concerning issues were not addressed. So, I ask if you can answer my concerns.

They are as follows:

If a driverless vehicle is involved in an accident or a traffic infringement .

The following concerns need to be addressed.

1. Who will be held responsible and who will be charged?

1.1. Owner of the vehicle

1.2. Person in charge of the vehicle

1.3. Seller of the vehicle [private or commercial]

1.4. Manufacturer of Vehicle

1.5. Software programmed into vehicle

1.6. Software programmer

1.7. Software Developer

1.8. GSP controller and tracking company

1.9. Anything outside of physical control

1.10. GPS Blackspots

1.11. Hackers taking control

2. Will insurance companies recognise or pay out on any of the above mentioned.

Also, I have read that RACV are going to test driverless buses. The question I ask is where will the commuters stand legally if something happens. There is also the safety factor of commuters. For example,

1. Commuter behaviour on the Bus

2. Fare evasion

3. Drunkenness

4. Abusive behaviour

5. Etc.

The above questions come into play again.

There are also many more other concerns dealing with driverless vehicles. These are as follows:

1. Underage Drivers

2. Intoxicated Drivers

3. Drug affected Drivers

4. Plus too many more to list

I have just listed a few of the many concerns of who could be in charge of a driverless vehicle.

I feel that these concerns need to be fully addressed and completely investigated into and resolved before driverless vehicles are allowed to be sold and driven on our roads.