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We periodically review the Load Restraint Guide (LRG) to ensure it remains relevant, consistent and efficient.

Load Restraint Guide maintenance

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Loading heavy vehicles safely is vital to preventing injury to people and damage to property, as well as providing economic benefits if the load arrives at its destination intact.

This project aims to ensure that the Load Restraint Guide:

  • is easy to access and understand
  • meets the needs of the people who use it
  • is accurate, up to date and reflects the practices that have developed since the last edition of the Guide was published in 2004.

The NTC is working very closely with the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) to review the Load Restraint Guide.

RMIT has completed a technical review of the load restraint performance standards to help inform this review. Read the full technical review.

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Next steps

An improved Load Restraint Guide and a complementary guide specifically for light vehicles will be available from early 2018, following endorsement of the guides by transport ministers in November 2017.

This is the first time a version focusing on light vehicles has been available, specifically for vehicles under 4.5 tonnes.

The updated Load Restraint Guide was developed in close consultation with users of the guide, including drivers, industry and governments, including public consultation during mid-2017.

The new guides will be available on NTC’s website from early 2018.

Following publication, ongoing maintenance for the Load Restraint Guide will be undertaken by the NHVR. As the NHVR does not have responsibility for light vehicles, the Load Restraint Guide for Light Vehicles will be maintained by the NTC


The Guide provides critical guidance material for the road transport industry and enforcement authorities for the safe carriage of loads on and in road vehicles. The Guide is highly valued because it is a practical document that is easy to understand and apply, and is the most downloaded document on the NTC’s website. It has been more than a decade since the Guide was last updated, it is a key element in supporting roadside enforcement and compliance. 

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