About NTC / NTC corporate strategies and reports

The NTC is required to develop a three year rolling strategic plan and work plan each year. Our strategic plan and work program are prepared under the guidance of our commissioners, with valuable input from governments, stakeholders and our staff.

NTC corporate strategies and reports

The NTC’s strategic plan defines the Commission’s strategic direction, goals  and contribution to national transport objectives.

Our work plan is directed by the NTC’s guiding principles as outlined in our strategic plan:

  • collaborate with reform partners - Understand before acting, involve before deciding, discuss before implementing and share before announcing
  • only leading activities where we can make a difference, nationally - Focus resources on projects that will deliver real national impact
  • apply an integrated approach - Reflect the complexity and diversity of transport systems, including regional and remote areas.
Our corporate plan is a high-level operational planning document. It sets out the objectives and strategy that we will pursue to achieve the priorities set out in our strategic plan over the next four years. 

Every year Ministers endorse NTC’s work program, strategic plan and corporate plan at the Transport and Infrastructure Council.

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Last Updated: 8/6/2017